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Former Member
Apr 28, 2012 at 05:07 AM

Cenvat clearing GL posting during MIRO in multiplant scenario


Dear Sir,

We have a scenario of 2 different plant configured under a company code and both plant have separate Excise Registration . In the configuration , we defined separate Excise Group for both the plant . As a business requirement , we need that Excise related transactions must be posted in different GLs for these plant . It means during J1IEX posting , Excise transaction related to GLs "ED IMPRST MVAT-INPUT" / "CENVAT CLEARING" etc must be posted in one set of GLs for one plant and in second set of GLs for the other plant .

During J1IEX , transactions are getting posted in separate set of GLs depending upon the plant and our desired objective is being addressed . In configuration , we have defined separate set of GLs depending upon the Excise Group .

However during MIRO , Excise related postings like "CENVAT CLEARING" are getting posted in a single GL irrespective of the plant . It appears that during MIRO posting , GL is getting picked based upon the defined Tax-Code and Tax-Code being same for both the plant and hence the Accounting Key also remain same (as per display appaering in FTXP) , the determined GL for "CENVAT CLEARING" is remaining fixed .

Keeping in view the operational point , it may not be also possible to define sepearte Tax-Codes for both the plants .

We request you , to kindly help us to resolve the mentioned problem pl .

With thanks and Regards

Sonia Agarwal