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Apr 27, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Default Roles in CUP



GRC 5.3 :

In CUP Default Roles configuration , when we select Request level , we get four attributes in the dropdown [ location, company,Func area and system]

Why not we see other request attributes here? Or Is it retricted to only these 4 attributes . please advise.

However , if I select Role level , I can see all the custom attributes in the dropdown for me to define.

actually what I look for is , If a user selects country as US , he should get certain set of roles . I have created a custom request attribute for COuntry. But that is not available for me to select under Default role definition ,as the above mentioned 4 attributes are the only ones which appear.

Also I see that , at one point of time , only one Default role configuration is possible , Please correct me if wrong.


Best Regards

Srilakshmi S