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Apr 27, 2012 at 10:03 AM

Workstatus issue : not authorized to perform this task



I am lost with my workstatus.

I followed all the design instruction that are in the PDF tutorial on the website but I always receive at the end the instruction "You are not authorized to perform this task, please contact Administrator"

I have another appset where it is working fine, I compared each part of the configuration and everything is correctly configured.

Here is what I checked :

- My dimension Entity contain a OWNER property which is filled with BPC teams. The admin team on top node and user team on leaf levels. All between brackets (for instance [Users_Team]

- in my application, the workstatus settings are : Owner on Entity dimension, Yes on Category & Time, No on others with a default member. The Yes or Owner have the Base Hierarchy 1

- in Concurrent Lock, the three dimensions are on Yes and others No

- in Global configuration of workstatuses, I have Unlocked with All for everything and both for control, Submitted with Mgr for everything and Both for control, Locked on Approved for everything and Mgr for control.

- in my security, I am member of the group I put on the higher level of the entity hierarchy

- in the tasks, this group has access to SetWorkstatus

Did I forget anything please ?