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System copy of SAP IdM system

Hello All,

We have implemented SAP IdM 7.1 in your landscape. The UI is set on SAP netweaver 7.0 EHP1 portal and the identity center database is a standalone Oracle 11g.

Now we want to copy our Quality IdM to our new Dev environment ( So that Dev has the exact data of Quality)

In normal cicumstances, we would take an export of the sap system and import the data in the target system.

But I do not know what procedure needs to be followed for IdM.

Here are my doubts:

1) How to get the same data of my QA to Dev environment? will normal DB backup and restore work? or other files needs to be copied as well?

2) Do I have to copy both the UI portal DB and the identity center DB or just identity center DB will do.

3) In the operation guide, they mention Application copy and refer to SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Identity Center Implementation Guide Staging environment. Can you let me know where can I find this guide or what application copy is.



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2 Answers

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    Apr 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    Dear Sonja,

    in my opinion a backup and restore should work also for the IDM-Database.

    But you have to configure the new database connection at several places.

    1) SAP Netweaver Java - Visual Admin - JDBC-Connection

    2) Dispatcher JDBC-Connection (Prop-File)

    3) Virtual Directory server - Database connection in your xml-Configuration-Files (if you use VDS)

    4) Identity Center

    I did a hardware change for my IDM-systems during the last weeks.

    In my case the SAP Netweaver and the IDM-Database were installed on one server (with one Oracle-Intallation) and I separated the installation, so that they are now running on different servers.

    First step:

    I exported SAP Netweaver with the SAP-Inst Export functionality and installed the SAP Netweaver with this export on a new server. In my case the SAP Netweaver Java is only used for the User Interface (Role Exports/Imports) and stores only configuration data (no important transaction data/variable data). There is a JDBC-Connection in the Visual Admin to the IDM-Database that has to be configured if the IDM-Database is running on a new server or with a new SID.

    Second step:

    I exported the IDM-Database with Oracle "exp" for each user (mxmc_oper, mxmc_rt and so on)

    and imported that to my target Database.

    Best regards


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    Apr 30, 2012 at 08:15 PM

    Hi Sonia,

    I'm not sure I agree with this as when you copy back your system, your data will also move, meaning you have a DEV IdM system full of QAS privilege, users and roles. We perform a system copy by installing IdM cleanly in DEV and then exporting the identity centre from QAS and importing it to DEV. Finally then we reload the data from the connected DEV systems. This means your config is the same in DEV as in QAS, but the data is correct for that tier of the landscape too.

    Hope that is helpful,


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    • Sonia,

      That is a very good question. Not sure how to answer that from an Oracle perspective, however if this were a SQL Server I would simply backup the database, restore it to the new server, install the same version of IDM and then set up the connection strings, dispatchers, event agents, etc. You would have then created a "downgraded" QA system to the DEV environments.