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Apr 26, 2012 at 03:55 PM

Crystal forcing PDF export


I'm trying to understand why running an app locally the print button on the reportviewer control kicks off a standard print dialog. I have been searching through the forums but without any luck finding something releated. So I figured I would post to see if someone would expain this to me.

When I run it on the server it kicks off the PDF export, locally that same ASPX page kicks of a standard print dialgo.. Same code is running in both. I figure that crystal is sensing to use the PDF because it is on a server or something else so that it knows not to kick off the print dialog? But the client is what will do the printing. What do you configure to get the print dialog to popup on the client?

This is 64-bit Win and a load balanced server running iis7.

How is this supposed to work? What is going on here?

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreicated because I need to understand why it is doing this.

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