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Apr 26, 2012 at 11:43 AM

Create Service-Consumer with URL


Hi there,

in SE80 i want to create an Enterprise Service as a Service-Consumer. I have an external URL. If SAP try to generate the Proxy, it thows an Error.

Proxy-Generierung: Fehler aufgetreten

Ausnahme des Library-Handlers aufgetreten

Illegale Syntax: Element definitions hat unzulässiges


Here ist the WSDL which i try to referr.

Is these blue colored statement correct and necessary ? I'm not so firm with WSDL, but i read somewhere that it is unnecessary!

These WSDL will be generate from an Externel System (HP-ServiceManager). My colleges have no problems to use theses WSDL. They are access it with java/VB.NET etc.

So i can't establish the proxy-Service in SAP without to manuall modify these atuomatical generated file in a local area..

Is there a "automatical" solution on the SAP to use these WSDL as a shared file on a Webserver?

Thanks in advance

--Bernward Henkel


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