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Apr 26, 2012 at 06:09 AM

BEX Workbook: Set analysis grid range dynamically


Hi Experts,

I have been working on this workbook for days (FYI: I am not an expert in excel macros :-) ).

There are 2 queries in serted in my workbook.

1st query range : Rows 15 - 88

2nd query range: Rows 90 - 122

Now the queries are basically structures which are expandable and collapsable. Now, when I collapse an element in query1, the range for query 1 becomes 15 - 75. Means rows 76 - 88 will be shown as blank lines. My aim is to avoid this. Is there any means by which we can set the range for the 2nd query dynamically so that I can manipulate the same and set as 76 - 109???