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szen tcode use

Dear all,

I want know the details about szen t-code to run in sap scm for compliling.I am practicing sap scm in my system. it takes too long time for opening screens.



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3 Answers

  • Posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 05:57 AM

    Hi Srredhar,

    I haven't heard about SZEN t-code till now.

    Are you a technical (ABAP) person having understanding of APO landscape also? If not, I would not recommend going further with running this kind of report in APO without understanding what it is and what it does.

    Regarding performance issues, raise the issue to your Basis team if the performance of the system is slow in general for most of the transactions. They might need to change some basis parameters or increase the memory, if required.

    If you are only facing performance issues in a few transactions, then still check with the Basis team. In parallel, you could also try to find out if there is some OSS note to improve the performance of the specific transaction. May be the data against your selection criteria is having lot of volume, so performance would become slow. In such cases, either you need to reduce the selection or otherwise ask the basis team to increase the relevant parameter or memory.

    Thanks - Pawan

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      I must assume that you don't really care much about the integrity of your system. If you did, you would not be so anxious to run a transaction about which you know nothing, that 'somebody told me to run'. Basis type transaction can destroy the usability of a system with one keystroke.

      I have never seen the transaction SZEN. It does not exist on any systems to which I currently have access. It is not found in any of the SAP online help docs, and it is not found in the SAP service marketplace. I will admit that I didn't check on any of the sites related to Zen Buddhism.

      As mentioned by expert Pawan, there can be many reasons for slow performance. Since we are not Basis experts here in this forum, it is unlikely that you would get many relevant answers to your performance questions. I suggest that you close this post, and re-post in a basis forum. Either MAXDB forum (Database for LiveCache), or the Database used in your application server. Below link assumes Oracle, one of the more common Databases..

      Best Regards,


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    Posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 02:15 PM


    I believe you are talking about the SGEN transaction. This transaction is usually run by the BASIS team when a new system is installed or after upgrades/ enhancement pack installations, etc.

    If you open a transaction for the first time in a new system, it may generate the background programs therefore taking time. SGEN basically generates all these programs in background so it saves you time (first time only).

    I suggest talking to your BASIS person to run this.

    Rishi Menon

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  • author's profile photo Former Member
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    Posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 06:44 PM

    I thanks to rishi menon giving information.I am not a guy real time sap apo consultant.I am learning sap apo-snp(module). I installed in my laptop sap scm server..........for the fast accessing some one told me run the SGEN tcode.i know its take long time....

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      If it's SGEN, then it doesn't hamper your system. It generates the profiles/programs and the screens.

      Transaction code it self a self help procedure, execute and compare the performance.

      *System performance depends on N number of factors, if its your machine then that must be with your available physical memory etc. Compare the resources with minimum requirements of standard installation guide and act accordingly


      Nick Loy