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Apr 25, 2012 at 10:00 PM

communication component for integration process (different swcv)


We had defined a communication component CP1 in Integration directory for integration process IP1 with SWCV 1.0. There is a new SWCV 2.0 and same integration process IP1.

What are our options?

a) do we delete the Communication component CP1 tied to IP1 (SWCV 1.0) and then re-create CP1 for IP1 (SWCV 2.0). With this approach, we don't need to delete the old interface determination / receiver agreements.


b) do we create a new communication component CP2 tied to IP1 (SWCV 2.0). In this scenario, we have to delete our old interface determination and receiver agreements

2) Does the SWCV in Receiver determination / Interface determination have any role ?