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Jun 06, 2005 at 01:16 PM

BW report in SRM EBP


Hi all,

2 parts to this question.

our client currently has a B2B website for purchase RFQ.

1.) they are able to see the history of a material ordered going back upto 5yrs within the same page(bottom of purchase RFQ page.

2.) they are also able to click on a vendor and have that vendor populate back into the RFQ. in other words, the history report is seamless integrated and is also interactive.

we are to replicate this is SAP. history is stored in BW so the history rpt will come from BW. we are able to execute this web template in EBP via jump query but jump query means clicking on link opens the rpt in a pop-up window(not desired). also the template is not interactive in that clicking on a vendor(for example) does not return that vendor back to EBP.

has anyone been able to accomplish either or both of above?