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Apr 25, 2012 at 04:35 AM

Update VSTAT in table NAST from ME29N


Dear Expert,

I have a requirement to set the NAST-VSTAT value from '0' to '1' in t-code ME29N if condition purchasing document type = 'PO' and Release Indicator: Purch. Document = '1'.

I have used BADI 'ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED' in method 'POSTED' and try to update NAST (UPDATE nast FROM lw_nast) table but the field wont change,

when I use SQL Trace it seems the BADI was triggered to change VSTAT = '1' but near at the end of line in SQL Trace, suddenly table NAST has been updated again by VSTAT = '0'.

Is there any way to change the field VSTAT from table NAST in ME29N at event Post/Save ??

I have search relevant topics and tried their suggestion but it still wont works in ME29N:

- I have tried using routine CALL FUNCTION 'RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE', but like I say previously the table NAST still remain with VSTAT = '0'

If you have any suggestion it will be a great help for me.


Dimas W.