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Apr 24, 2012 at 04:02 PM

List variable in transaction not clearing


Our MII version is

I distilled my issue down to a transaction with one string input variable and an XML output variable. The transaction also has a local list variable and a local string variable.

I first clear the local list variable by assigning it to emptylist.

Then I call another transaction whose job is to parse the input variable and create a list variable which it then returns to the original transaction. I then use a for loop to go thru that list variable and stuff the values into the XML document.

This all works perfectly when I test the transaction.

However when I call the xAcute query form my HTML, the query seems to be caching values from prior calls.

In fact, if I take the xAcute out of the equation and call the runner using http://miidevelop:50000/XMII/Runner?Transaction=zRadtke/TestListCacheIssue&pInputVar=A&OutputParameter=pOutputXML I have the same problem

This runner call works correctly the first time I call it in the morning. But for subsequent calls it keeps building up rows with data from previous runs. (see attached XML)

I have the check box checked for "reload transaction after execution" on the transaction call. I even set the ResetState property to true and the StoreTransactionOutput and Async property set to false, but still have the problem.

I run http://miidevelop:50000/XMII/Illuminator?Service=QueryCaching&Mode=ClearCache which returns that it was successful, but it doesn't help either.

In the System Administration page I see the following settings

TransactionCacheDuration - 1 hr

TransactionCaching - true

TransactionPersistenceLifetime - 8 hrs

I hope I have correctly explained my problem.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


Output.xml (664 B)