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Dec 28, 2016 at 12:09 PM

Mexico - Blocking regular invoice and allow proforma invoice


Hello Experts,

In our system, Mexico einvoicing has been implemented which sends separate invoices for each line item of a delivery to Cofidi system(third party) through idoc of message type MX_CFDI_APPREQ.

In our project, along with individual invoices, a proforma invoice is also gets created pro-grammatically.

Requirement is to stop the invoices for regular invoices and send the idoc only for proforma invoices. The problem is that for proforma invoices, accounting document is not generated and hence I am not able to get data for triggering idoc for them.

I have went through lot of blogs and papers but none of them is catering to my requirement.

Can someone help me in a way wherein I can restrict the triggering of regular invoices and trigger the idocs for proforma invoices ?