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Jun 06, 2005 at 09:46 AM

Can I use 0GLACCEXT in a standard infocube? How?



I have following scenario. 10 R/3 companies and 7 non R/3 companies.

I want a "consolidated balance" for the 17 companies in BW.

With standard remote cube 0FIGL_VC1 I can get the balance for the 10 R/3 companies. But I cannot integrate the information for the 7 non SAP companies.

Idea 1: I need a "normal infocube", like 0FIGL_C01, and loading the data from R/3 and non R/3 systems in this cube. The problem is that I will need to use 0GLACCEXT, to reverse nodes selectively in hierarchy, in this cube and I don't now how to populate it because the extractor only gives us the 0GLACCOUNT.

Can I use 0GLACCEXT in a normal cube? How can I populate it from R/3?

Idea 2: Standard remote cube 0FIGL_VC1 for R/3 companies and a normal customer cube for non R/3 companies. Then a multicube on this two cubes to consolidate balance. For external file information I will force the contents of 0GLACCEXT. I am not sure about the problems of this solution.

Do you have any idea? I would like to use the first solution, but is it possible? If not, what about the second one?

Any other possible solution (my FI knowledge is very limited)?

Thanks and regards,