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Apr 24, 2012 at 10:00 AM

PO 4511024408-10 Posting under AP broke into 2 (Subsequent debit)


The document 5109140910 is a subsequent debit posting to adjust the price (Local freight value), normally system will post to 6200001 but not for this AP posting. It broke in to 21210301 & 6200001. Please assist.


There is a Subsequent Debit invoice which is for freight happened during raw material purchasing.

The amount for item 0001 is 17.30 on MIRO screen, but after posting , the one item is broken into 2 items : 17.27 and 0.03. Please see the document below

FI document:


1. Why the item 001 is broken into 2 and with a little figure 0.03? Just 001 has the issue, other 5 items not have the case. What I should check or this is a system bug?

2. I extract the transaction for each item on the FI document. I find the 0.03 is under transaction FR2. As you known FR2 is freight provision, it usually occurred during GR(credit) and normal IR (debit) . Here why the difference 0.03 come into this acct?

Memo : for your reference I put the GR/IR history here for account 21210301 and purchase order . I couldn’t see any reasonable explanation from here. Really need your help . F.13:


1.png (73.0 kB)
2.png (34.4 kB)
3.png (11.7 kB)