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Apr 23, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Date direct input missing in Formula Editor?



we are on NW 702 SP9.

In the formula editor it is possible to enter Amounts, Numbers, Quantites, Boolean, Strings and Comments (Units, currencies).

But there is no possibility to enter Dates, which is especially cumbersome with the 4 different Date Data Object Types.

We want to use in the formulas:

1.) Predefined Context

2.) Date & Time Functions

3.) Custom made Functions

The context includes some DOs of type Date.

So it is possible to do e.g.:

IF ( CONTEXT_DATE1 > CONTEXT_DATE2, true, false)

and I know the comparison exists in the BRF+ rule engine for timepoints.

We can also do:


But we can not do:

IF (CONTEXT_DATE > MANUALINPUT, true, false) since there is no direct Date input available!

Same goes with custom made functions:

If we define a function that returns a date for some condition we have to chose for its output to be date or string then.


would work with a date output but not with a string


would work with a string but not with a date output etc.

So the general question: Why not allow manual direct date inputs in the formula editor, best with the possibility to chose the exact type with it, and help with formatting?