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Apr 23, 2012 at 11:48 AM

Routing- BOM Component Allocation


Hi Team,

I have created the BOM for the finished goods material XYZ. The BOM contains the material components namely A and B. Now i am creating the routing for the same finished goods material XYZ. The routing has been created successfully. I have been told that, all the BOM components will be automatically assigned to first operation by default. Is this standard functionality? I am select the option "Component Allocation" in routing and in the "Material Componenet Overview" screen, the BOM components A abd B are displayed but the field "Operation" is empty. If the BOM components A and B are assigned automatically to the first operation by default means, the operation number should be updated here. But it is not? How to ensure that the BOM components are assigned to the first operation by default?

Is there any report or transaction available to check the BOM component allocation to routing operation?