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Jun 06, 2005 at 02:11 AM

Problems using remote debugging for Web Dynpro applications


Hello All,

Have anyone ever encounter the above mentioned problem ? I am not able to step through my codes nor break @ my breakpoints using the debugging features despite many attempts following the tutorial on "Debuggng Web Dynpro applications". The problem always occur when I click on the Run -> Debug -> "Click on Debug". The debug perspective will show the threads running but my application window dows not appear. Should attempts be made to "Terminate All" threads and relaunch my apllication again, I will get an error message saying "Deployment of archive file already running : XXX.ear" Then I will need to wait some 15 mnutes or so before I can try again. Any suggestions ? Thank you.

The status of my J2EE engine is as stated in the tutorial:

1) State = "Debugging"

2) Debug Mode = "On"

3) Restricted Load Balancing = "Yes"

4) Productive Use = "No"

I have posted similar queries under "JDI" and "Web AS General" but did not receive and sugestions.


Kwok Wei