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Apr 23, 2012 at 09:37 AM

Yet another plea for help setting up the Service Desk


I feel really bad for posting this request, but I have spend a whole day trying to configure service desk in 7.1 SP 4 and I am almost nowhere.

I have filed two bug reports with SAP, which they responded to very quickly - either the Solman guys have nothing to do or there is a lot of them. The Service Desk IMG definitely has errors in it, so rather than create a new SAP message for every one, I am looking for a document from someone who knows how to do it already.

All this stuff about CRM transaction types, for example, is not obvious to a Basis guy with no CRM background. And IMG tasks that take you to BP_GEN when they should be going to SMSY_SETUP don't help either.

I checked the installation guide area: I have read the amusing configuration guide for Solution Manager which says (for pretty much everything) - See the IMG. That's all they wrote. I guess they were in a hurry.

I have looked at which seems to have a lot of stuff - but I could not find anything there about setting up service desk 7.1. Or Incident Management, which seems to be the new name. After a brief look at the config document for 7.0 I can see that a lot has changed.

I dug around in - could not find anything useful there either - lots of stuff about how good it is and how to use it, but nothing on the setup process.

I have looked at the online documentation - I could not find anything there either. But that is no surprise - everything seems to live in four different places there too, so if you know where it is hiding then please tell me.

I am sure that SCN is the place - there must be something here - but how to find it? For some reason, searching SDN has never worked well for me. (The only way I can find stuff is by looking at the forums for people who have already asked questions like this, and now I have spent half an hour trying to find the forums - or fora, as they are more correctly pluralled.)

So please, if you know of a nice clear document that tells how to set up the basic service desk application in 7.1, then please tell me how to find it. Because I have spent at least four hours looking today, and i have got zilch.

(And of course, if you answer this post, it is unlikely that i will be able to find it. :-) But please give it a go anyway.)