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Apr 21, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Installing NW73 on OpenSuSE 12.1



first of all: I know it is not supported to install SAP on OpenSuSE - but I am trying anyhow 😊

I get stuck in the installation procedure in step "Install instance basics of ASCS01". Reason is, the instance is not starting up, in this case, the message server starts fine, the enqueue server does not start. So I tried to start it manually, but this first let to unset parameter LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which I set to /usr/lib64. Then the unicode libraries libic*.so.34.0 were missing (only version 48 were present) so I coppied them from another existing SLES installation. After that the enqueue server tells me the following:

linsrv04:/usr/sap/NW3/ASCS01/work # ./en.sapNW3_ASCS01


Running not on Windows, nothing additional to do

Listen successful on port/service sapdp01

Server initialisation failed!

Reason: "error at server initialisation detected at enservglob.cpp:812

Errorinfo: "initialize_global: failed to initialize the enqueue table:



and here I get stuck. i also checked the /etc/services and disabled all entries in the SAP number range. Does anybody have any hints?