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Jun 05, 2005 at 01:43 AM

Database Tables


Hi Everyone,

I know the ods tables names are stored like /bix/a<ods_name>00 and /bix/a<ods_name>40 and for change log it is /bic/b*. But my requirement is I have to display the size of the tables belonging to a particular ods object. So for all the tables the size is stored in DBSTATTORA which gives information about


fields of this tables are:

TNAME --> Table Name

ANDAT --> Analyzing Date

AMETH --> Analysis method for collecting Statistics

NROWS --> No of rows in a table

OCCBL --> Used blk(size) of table in KB

EMPBL --> Empty blk(size) of table in KB

AFREE --> Avg Freespace in a used db block

INDBS --> Used Blk(size) of an index kb

This is a table which stores the statistics information.

It displays all the tables of infocubes and ods objects, but does tell that this table belongs to this infoprovider.

I have to display data from this table as well as the infoprovider to which it belongs. So there is no proper information of database tables where the infocube and its associated tables like the facttable, dimtables are stored together. Same for the ods objects also.

There are for ods object RSDODSOTABL which give information about ods object and the table name is stored differently <ods_name>_0000. How do i map this table with the DBSTATTORA table, the tablenames doesn't match. Same problem with RSTSODS table which give informaiton about change log table.

And also for infocubes, there is RSDCUBE which gives information about infocubes but not the associated tables. So does anyone know where all these information is stored in some database tables. It would be of great help.

Thanks a lot.