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Jun 04, 2005 at 08:10 PM

Data is not being passed on to BSP page, which was trggered from workfow


Here are my some more observations:

I could see the variables & values in the URL of Approval page, which was opened when the workitem is executed.

But when I looked at the source of Approval page from Menu->View->Source (In browser), value parameter in INPUT tag is set to " ". Page is being generated with value = " " , though in the BSP view layout form field is set with view attribute.

Here I have inserted the code snippet for one field "REQUESTOR"

1. Generated HTML scource code from browser:

<tr><td class="urCellBgBorder" valign="TOP" colspan="0">

<label id="RequestorName" ct="Label" for="REQUESTOR" class="urLblStd" title="Enter the Name" onclick="return htmlbLabelClick('REQUESTOR');" style="white-space:nowrap;"><span>Requestor Name:</span></label>

<td class="urCellBgBorder" valign="TOP" colspan="0">

<span id="REQUESTOR-r" class="urEdf2Whl"><input type="Text" class="urEdf2TxtEnbl urEdf2TxtRo" autocomplete="off" id="REQUESTOR" ct="InputField" name="REQUESTOR" st="r" readonly value=" " onblur="sapUrMapi_InputField_Blur('REQUESTOR',event)" onkeydown="sapUrMapi_InputField_keydown('REQUESTOR',event)" onkeyup="sapUrMapi_InputField_KeyUp('REQUESTOR',event)" onfocus="sapUrMapi_InputField_focus('REQUESTOR',event)" style="width:180;"></span>

2. BSP View layout

<htmlb:inputField id = "REQUESTOR"

width = "180"

doValidate = "true" disabled = "true"

value = "<%= REQUESTOR%>"/>

3. URL




While debugging I have observed no value in "<%= REQUESTOR%>" neither in layout nor in do controller class-attribute "REQUESTOR".

Am missing any step? Do I need to impliment any other method before calling the view from do controler. If yes, what functionality should be incorporated in it. Please let me know if more details for better understanding of the issue.

We are following MVC approch.

Can any one please guide me on this.

Thanking you in advance.