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Apr 20, 2012 at 12:17 PM

variant configration-pm task list


Hi All,

I have three pumps, which are same except their mechanical seal type which are:

1. pump1- single mech seal

2. pump 2- double mech seal

3. pump3- tandem seal

I have made one general maint task list for the above pumps which is of 10 operations, but 7th,8th operation I dont want for pump1 and 8th operation I dont want for pump2, for pump 3, I want all operations.

For the above scenario, I want to use configurable task list.

I have made characteristic- seal type and then assigned calues ie- single, double, tandem and assigned it to a class (type 300)

but when I am assigning object dependencies to operations of task list (Extras> Object dependencies> Assignments) , I am getting a syntax error.

I am using syntax: $self.sealtype = 'double'

Kindly guide where I am wrong and what syntax I have to use so that I can restrict the operations.

I have also made the configuration profile for the task list and assigned the class there.


Asheesh Aswal