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Jun 04, 2005 at 02:38 AM

MiniWAS620 Installation-Need help


Hi All,

I had installed Netweaver640 from SAP successfully and then I bought a book and got WAS620 CD's. To install this I learnt that I need to delete SAPDB folder. System was not allowing to delete. So I reinstalled my XP OS. Now I could install all three CD's of WAS620. I have following 2 questions.

1. While installing I got a pop up message saying my registry is corrupted. Visit to fix it. How do I know what's wrong with my registry.

2. After Installation I see a Icon on my desktop .START SAP ABAP ENGINE and DB START and DB STOP in the program files menu.

When i click on start Abap Engine i get a command prompt window and I see lot of lines coming up. then after some time the window closes. The Messages are like

ThCallHooks: call hook >ThrSaveSPAFields< for event BEFORE_DUMP

M *** ERROR => ThrSaveSPAFields: no valid thr_wpadm [thxxrun1.c 672]

M *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler ThrSaveSPAFields for event BEFORE_DUMP failed [thxxtool3.c 238]

work procees w2 died => tskh_init : db_connect

RTE_Error 1. Error during registry acess to key indepprograms

OS_ERROR: The system can not find the fiel specified

Error: xServer not found

Can any one explain me all the steps to do after installing the CD's.