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Apr 20, 2012 at 07:16 AM

Need Basic definitions .


Hi guys,

I am from ABAP , and i am new to HANA. I am trying to educate myself with this new technology.Whle going through i faced some problems in understanding some of the terms and concepts here.

Some of them are "Procedures" and "Table types". In ABAP we have some thing called as internal tables, where we fetch the data from the database table and fill it in the internal table where we use to manipulate the data and upload back in to the Database and commit it.Are they something like internal tables ??

Going more in to my question , please clarify me what is a procedure and a table type(Also please add if there are ank key terms that are a prerequsite to be known before jumping in to app development in HANA) and what do they do.

I have gone through the SQL script reference guide , but i was not able to find out clear definitions.😕

➕ : i want this thread to be more useful to the people who try to educate themselves in HANA and lets start from the basic definitons what HANA has. Experts plese help.