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Need help on Database restoration with diff SID and diff IP.

Dear Guys,

I have some doubts on the DB oracle restoration with different SID and different IP.

I summarize the activities which am going to carry out. Please correct me where am wrong. Because I failed when I did this last time.

Activity 1 : Change of IP.

1. Changed the IP of the system.

2. changed the IPs in listener.ora file and tnsnames.ora file.

Listener was able to start. but SAP instance can't able to detect the listener. Its not detecting the database hence. Please tell me which things need to be carried out for changing the IP of a SAP instance.

Activity 2 : Oracle DB restoration with different SID.

1. Took offline backup of Source system.

2. Created control file from source system.

3. Restored the offline backup in Target system.

4. Edited control file as below.



5. executed the control file as SQL> @CNTRL.sql

6. Execute the below commands,

>alter database open resetlogs;

>recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;

Am i missing anything. If else what should I carry out.

Please suggest.


Santhosh Kumar.

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3 Answers

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    Apr 19, 2012 at 09:45 PM


    SAP system internally works based on HOSTNAME / FQDN. If you change only IP address and do not change existing hostname (under which whole SAP System installation / Database installation was done), there can not be any impact in starting of Listener/DB and SAP system.

    changed the IPs in listener.ora file and tnsnames.ora file.

    Why you are using IP address in these configuration files. You only need to change the IP address in /etc/hosts file and reboot OS after changes. If SAP/Oracle configuration is maintained using IP address instead of Hostname, then it will be nightmare for you to up the SAP system. In that case New SAP System Copy would be advisable to do to avoid unnecessary headache. 😉

    The steps you have mentioned are looking Ok. You can take the help of this document to get detailed step by step information Oracle DB restore in existing SAP Installation.



    Bhavik G. Shroff

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  • Apr 20, 2012 at 01:40 AM

    hi Santhosh,

    You don't need to play with IP and .ora files for brrestore.

    you just perform your activity with the help of following links.


    Copy with BRTools


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    Apr 21, 2012 at 01:31 AM

    Dear All,

    My restoration activity was successful. But changing the IP was failed.

    Actually the scenario was management wants out dev system to be refreshed with production data, But they also need the current development system for one month for some reference. So the plan was to refresh the production database in existing dev and to keep a copy og old dev in a seperate system for some time.

    The restoration of backup was successfull. But copy og development in another system with different IP was not starting. Database was getting started but SAP was not getting started. Its not finding the profile. I've updated the IP in /etc/hosts file, listener.ora file, tnsnames.orafile. I checked the SAP instance and start instance profile and it don't have any IP. I also refered the note 403708. It didn't help.

    I don't know what needs to be done to start that instance. If I need to change the hostname also to start this instance. If I've to change hostname what things need to be done. I've attached the log files for your reference.

    Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Santhosh Kumar.

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    • Hi,

      For your DEV system copy,

      If you follow standard SAP system copy using Backup/Restore method on the host whose IP address & hostname are already changed , SAPInst will take care of it for all configuration. No need to change anything in ABAP stack.

      I've updated the IP in /etc/hosts file, listener.ora file, tnsnames.orafile.

      Why you are maintaining IP Address instead of Hostname in those configuration files ? You have to update tnsnames.ora file at /sapmnt/<SID>/profile/oracle locations also.

      If you SAP system is ABAP+JAVA or JAVA stack, you will required to do some changes at JAVA stack side using Configtool to change message server host, enque server host, CI host of JAVA stack.

      From the provided logs, The error is talking simple network communication between SAP system and DB host. Provide dev_W## log for more accurate error information.



      Bhavik G. Shroff