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Apr 19, 2012 at 01:13 PM

HR Triggers in cup


Hi, this is related to HR Triggers in CUP (GRC).

We have a scenario, wherein, we have to create HR Triggers for User Change Account.

eg. If IT 0002 data of a user is changing (say Last Name) in Backend then we have to configure our HR Trigger in such a way that a CUP Request is raised automatically to update the SU01 Record of the user with changed name at Backend.

We have configured our HR Trigger like below:

We have created one new Request Type: CHANGE IT 0002 and have assigned action CHANGE_USER to it.

We have created number range from 1 to 100.

Then we have created Initiator: CHANGE IT 0002 with Attribute Request Type and Value CHANGE IT 0002

Then we have created path PATH_CHG_IT0002 with Initiator CHANGE IT 0002 and Stages 0.

Then we have selected Direct Autoprovisiong and Auto Provision at the end of request.

User Data Source I have maintained as my HR System.

Then in HR Trigger, I have created an action id CHANGE_USER with Type CHANGE IT 0002 and System backend HR System.

Then we have created a Rule Id CHANGE_USER with Action CHANGE_USER and in attributes we have given IT 0002 Field NACHN(Last Name), Operator <> , value $NACHN and condition as AND.

Then we have configured the Background Jobs HR Trigger and HR Trigger Load Data with frequency 80 and 60 secs.

Now we are going to Backend, running TCode PA30 and editing Last Name of User (IT 0002) and saving the record.

Then we are checking Table /VIRSA/INT_TRIG in SE16, we are getting an entry for our id id over there. Then we are checking table /VIRSA/DATA with the trigger id received in previous table we are getting the latest data for the user.

Now in CUP, we are going to Background Jobs and Running HR Trigger Load Data Background Job immediately.

Then we are going to Process Log in HR Trigger there we are getting an entry for our Rule Id CHANGE_USER with status not processed.

Then we are running Background Job HR Trigger Immediately.

And then again checking the Process Log, there we are getting this error: "Exception in getting the results from the web service : Service call exception; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect." Also no new Request Number is getting generated for this activity.

I have checked the Connector in CUP, it's fine. What could be the reason that no CUP Request is getting created for this activity.