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Jun 03, 2005 at 02:40 PM

JCO conn. for WAS 6.40 trial install (EP 6.0 SP9 download from SDN)



I have a question regarding JCO connections for web-dynpro example/tutorials. I have installed WAS 6.40 sneak preview from EP 6.0 SP9 download from SDN. Installation instruction says: Choose "No SLD available"

but the web-dynpro example/tutorial asks to create JCO connections by going to web-dynpro -> content admin..etc on http:<host>:50000..Here, all the tabs relating to creating JCO connections appear to be "protected" on my screen. so I can't do anything further. By going to http:<host>:50000/sld, I also tried to add SLD server..but that is not helping. There is some "import" button, but which CIM file (in which folder etc) am i supposed to import for a simple test system? What are the steps for a bare minimum setup so that I can use the WAS 6.20 system at work-place as my backend & try out the web-dynpro examples? Do I really need SLD setup? Where is documentation about all this after one installs the WAS 6.40 JAva? I was expecting it somewhere at least in the eclipse IDE help-documentation..None of the web-dynpro tutorials explain this !