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Apr 18, 2012 at 08:02 PM

Remodeling Tool Question - Populate new CHA in existing data


Hi, I just manually added a characteristic to my InfoCube and now I need to populate the new characteristic in my existing InfoCube Data. I then remembered that there is the remodeling tool for this.

1. Is it possible to use the remodeling tool to do this even though I have already manually added the characteristic?

2. Is there something different I would need to do considering I already added the characteristic manually?

3. The Remodeling Wiki also mentions backing up the InfoCube Data. Is it possible to backup and restore just an InfoCube?
I need to know this when my basis team asks what I'm trying to do.

4. Should we go the remodel route or just forgo it and and manually reload from source DSO which seems a pain.

I found this link which is helpful:

Thanks for your help with this!