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Dec 28, 2016 at 09:57 AM

Unable to set result in ratio for GFR(Granules to fine ratio)


Hi Experts,

We have a scenario where the test is having result with ratios.

GFR (Granules to Fine Ratio) is a test having a final result with ratio based (R: P).

For e.g. 31:69 or 29:71 and so on


R = % retained in the mesh [Formula is: 100 - P] [For ex, Limit is >30, Result = 31]

P = % passed through the mesh [Formula is: 100 - R] [For ex, Limit is <70, Result = 69]

Both are variables and have limits. If any of these fails then ratio also fails.

As R = 100 – P, result of P is required for calculating R, but as P = 100 – R, it requires result of R. Hence.

How to handle mutually dependent situation?