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Apr 18, 2012 at 04:02 PM

Composite Search Help User-Exit (DEBI) - how to facilitate?


Hi all,

I am recently trying to enhance a composite Search Help DEBI.

It consists of ~13 Search Helps, like DEBIA, DEBIK, DEBIE ....

I am interested in 1 field that occurs in ~7 Search Helps.

And the field is SORTL.

What I would like to do is to enhance selection method,

so everywere user specifies value for SORTL field,

it will also be used to search for Debitors with telephone number.

In result also such Debitors should be displayed for which ADR2-TEL_NUMBER = SORTL.

And here the problem lies,

Is it possible to create such exit at the top level (DEBI),

and write only one piece of abap code?

Or do I need to create a separate Exit for each SHelp included (DEBIA, DEBIE, ...),

as each of them reads data with a different selection method?

That would be a disaster, as then I would need to crete 7 Exit functions,

and for each of them separately write abap logic for:

IF callcontrol-step = 'SELECT'... or 'DISP'...

"collect data according to my abap code...


I would appreciate your suggestions on that.