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Apr 18, 2012 at 04:11 PM

Multiple Reminder Mails/Fax going to Vendor for PO



We are sending reminders for PO to Vendor. We have configured a new PO Output type for the same. All the configuration settings are in place and output is getting generated.

The output is triggered based on a batch job which runs daily, and based on the selection parameters in the variant different POs are selected and output is generating.

But this output is getting trigerred for all the selected POs daily and not on the basis of reminder days available in the respective POs. For exampole if in PO, reminder days are 2,5 and 10. Logically the reminder should go after 2,5 and 10 days of the delivery date. But currently this reminder is going daily as soon as the batch job in run.

Please let me know if any settings missing for this.

Thanks and Regards,

Ankit Patodi