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Apr 18, 2012 at 04:40 PM

Reset JSPM after aborted support stack


I used MOPZ to generate a support stack for my Solution Manager 7.1 system. The support stack would take me to spr4. The number of errors generated caused us to restore the database back to before the support stack was applied. The problem is that when I run JPSM to re-apply the java support stacks I get an error stating that the support stack has already been applied. The JPSM cleary identifies the original and target versions but will not reset. Is there a way in solution manager to set the java stack back. I used MOPZ to regenerate the stack and withdrew the original maintenance transaction. I had hoped that would have the affect of reseting the JPSM it does not. Anyone have any ideals on this, sorry if this is the wrong forum but I couldn't really find anything specific to JPSM.