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Apr 18, 2012 at 01:52 PM

How can I delete pernr 00000000 from PA0002?


Somehow in our Dev system a record has been created in PA0002 with a blank pernr. This is annoying because in PA30/40 we keep getting messages telling us that pernr 00000000 exists whenever a pernr isn't entered.

I've searched the forums but haven't managed to find an answer. Some of the options I've looked at are:

PU00 and PA30 -> utilities -> delete personnel number

Niether work because you need to enter a personnel number and 00000000 renders as blank

SE16/SE16N then using &SOTR_EDIT

Sneaky way of editing used to work on ECC5 but we're on ECC6 now

PPOME - search by surname

Can't find the record (guess it ignores the blank pernr)


I think you can only delete the entire table contents this way (not something I want to try with PA0002!)

Does anyone have any other bright ideas for me to try?