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Apr 18, 2012 at 01:40 PM

Stock in Transit exceeded buy 0,001 kg


Hi experts,

We have made a stock transport order for 6 bags.

The supplying plant has made the goods issue of 6,172 Bags.

We can't make a goods receipt of 6,172 bags because we get the error message: "Stock in Transit exceeded by 0,001 KG".

We've made the goods receipt of just 6,171 bags.

In MM03 and MMBE we have no stock in transit. However we can see 0,001 KG in transit using MB5T.

We estimated that the actual stock in transit is just 0,0004 KG (0,4 gr.). We tried using grams (0,4 g.) but we get the error message "Quantity in stockkeeping unit is zero".

We need to eliminate the stock in transit or at least be able to set the Deliv. Complete indicator. in the STO.

Any idea?