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Apr 18, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Xcelsius - Combo box - missing line


I have a problem with a document that tracks progress of actions over a number of weeks.

There are 3 combo boxes that are used as filters:

Filter 1: A or B

Filter 2: ABC or XYZ or ABC+XYZ

Filter 3: Priority 1-7

Combo box 1 filters on A or B and pastes the data in an empty field (marked yellow in the file)

Combo box 2 takes the data from the field of Box1 and filters on ABC/XYZ/Both, then pastes it in another empty area.

Combo box 3 takes the data from the field of Box 2 and filters on Priorities 1-7, then pastes the data in 3 empty rows.

The filtered data is displayed in a graph with 3 lines: Planned, Executed, Passed; the data is sourced from the 3 rows that Box 3 uses as destination.

The filters and graphing works perfectly for Priorities 1-6, but when selecting Priority 7 only 2 lines are displayed (Planned&Executed), and Passed is dropped for an unknown reason. I double checked the Source and Destination fields of all combo boxes and can't find any fault, but there must be one that makes it that the last line is dropped. Could someone help find it?

I can't attach the XLF file here so I've uploaded it here:

Thank you.