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Dec 28, 2016 at 09:45 AM

SAPUI5 - OData & SAP Web IDE problems


Hello experts,

I have created an OData Service in my gateway server and a master-detail project in
SAP Web IDE - Personal Edition.

I had been encountering numerous problems while trying to make the project work.
The first one was that I had no idea, nor it was written anywhere that if I don't
want to work with $batch I need to go to menifest.json and add `"useBatch" : false`.
If there was such documentation I must have missed it.

The new problem I'm currently struggeling getting through is the:
"System query options '$orderby,$skip,$top,$skiptoken,$inlinecount' are not allowed in the requested URI"
which after searching the internet for a bit I found out that it occurs if one is using it
while doing a "Read" operation of CRUD. Well sadly, I didn't write the code in the template
it was self generated one. So either my OData service itself is lacking in something or the
template itself is broken. I persume that no one complained about the templates being broken
so it must be my OData. But where?

Thanks in advance,