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Apr 18, 2012 at 12:22 PM

Workflow WS75700040 steps - step number 3 - Revision - usage



In the workflow WS75700040 which is delivered by SAP, there are the following 3 workflow steps defined by default:

  1. Processing (Step 1)
  2. Final Check (Step 2)
  3. Revision (Step 3)

(Path: MDGIMG - Master Data Governance - General Settings - Process Modeling - Workflow - Other MDG Workflows - Define Workflow Step Numbers)

Then in "Assign Processer to Workflow Step Number (Simple Workflow)" it is possible to assign Agents to Change Requests for each Step of a used Workflow.

I'm experiencing the following problem:

When I create a change request through NWBC which uses this Workflow, where all 3 steps have different agents assigned - I'm not able to get into a step in the Workflow, where the list of allowed multiple Current Processors would contain the user/position defined for "Step 3 - Revision".

I don't understand where exactly and how to define, that for example this "Step 3 - Revision" defined in "Define Workflow Step Numbers" is which step/tesk in the actual Workflow WS75700040 (in transaction SWDD). Maybe some screenshots would help me to see, what is connected with what.

When I open the Workflow WS75700040 through SWDD, I see the following 3 Step Names with Agent Assignment (swdd - left: Navigation area):

  • Execution of Changes (Task Name: Process Change Request; Workflow step type: Process - initial value: 3)
  • Final Check (Task Name: Approve Change Request; Workflow step type: Approve - initial value: 2)
  • Revision After Rejection (Task Name: Revise Change Request; Workflow step type: Revise - initial value: 4)

What exactly does this initial value mean? And shouldn't all the 3 Step numbers from "Define Workflow Step Numbers": 1,2,3 be somewhere defined in the actual workflow? If yes, then where?

Thank you!