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Apr 18, 2012 at 12:06 PM

one wage type to multiple GL


Hello Experts,

I have a doubt regarding mapping one wage type to multiple GLs.

The existing system has a wage type mapped to a symbolic account and the symbolic account is in turn mapped to a GL account.

Now, the customer requires to map the same wage type to another GL. This can be done through feature PPMOD, wherein the symbolic a/c remains same and that can be assigned to 2 different GLs (Through Employee grouping for account determination)

I went through the process required for doing so.. just to give you and overview of what I think requires to be done...

1) Create a new employee grouping in table V_T52EM

2) Assign it to the grouping in feature PPMOD

3) Check the checkbox for MOMAG in table V_T52EK

4) Go to T-Code OBYE, click on rules, and check the Employee group checkbox there.

Now, when I try to save after the 4th step, it gives me a warning message saying 'The current account determination will be deleted if the rules are changed. Do you want to change the rules?'

My question is.. 1) am I going in the right path

2) I am scared to click on yes when it gives the warning message in the 4th step(Since I read at a lot of places that it will change the rules and one should be careful when making such a change). I want to know what impact will it have if I click on yes. Will the current mapping get deleted? or what other impact?