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Apr 18, 2012 at 10:31 AM

DSO and infoCube


hi gurus,

I have a doubt how data will flow in dso and infocube if we upload delta load of files.

Let me explain the scenario,

Assume I am uploading the file ds/psa to dso. the file consists of following infoobjects, customer no,material no,price,qty and revenue.we know the images in dso are new(N),before(x),after( ).

file dso (image) Cube

f1 c1 m1 100 2 200 c1 m1 100 2 200 (N) c1 m1 100 2 200

in above f1 is file 1 consists of the above records that will be load in dso as above in dso column. on other hand if we extracted the data from ds/psa to cube the cube column gives the loaded data.

but my doubt is again i loading a file 2 which consists of one modified data and one new data how it will load i required detailed explaination with respect to image formation in dso. and secondly how it works when we loaded the file 2 to cube from ds/psa.

f2 c1 m1 100 5 500(modified) ?????????? ???????

c2 m2 200 4 800(new) c2 m2 200 4 800(N) c5 m2 200 4 800

thanks in advance.