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Apr 18, 2012 at 06:34 AM

Customer Fact Sheet (online factsheet) in new window?


Due to our business requirements we have to call the customer fact sheet not inplace like in the SAP CRM standard but stateful in a separate session. So the user has two separate screens ot be more flexible. Using the following URL via javascript (http://server:port/sap(====)/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start/default.htm?sap-client=100&sap-syscmd=nocookie&crm-object-type=FACTSHEET&crm-object-action=B&crm-object-value=Z_AFS_KD&saprole=ZSALES_SERV&thtmlbSliderState=HIDDEN&BPGUID=48A3B0C2807C2807601A5E1008000AC141436) below works perfect, but gives us the L-shape of the CRM-application framework. I.e. the navigation bar and the top level bar, where the user can log off. This L-Shape we would like to suppress, i.e. we just want to call the BSP-Application of the BP-Factsheet in a separate session. We are able to set the navigation bar to hidden but the user can open it.

Is there a way to open this window without the L-Shape?

Thanks in advance!