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Former Member
Apr 18, 2012 at 04:50 AM

MCEX03 queue is not visible in LBWQ/SMQ1 at all.


Hi All,

Another question with respect to the Inventory areas. The Delta mode is Unserialized V3 update and is running regularly on a daily basis but the job log never shows any data movement to/from MCEX03. This queue does not even appear in LBWQ or SMQ1.

However the delta when loaded into BW shows me records regularly and hence I am not sure how this is set up and running.

I would expect to see the MCEX03 queue in LBWQ/SMQ1 before the back ground job runs and moves the data from here to RSA7 delta queue which is then pushed to BW. But someone the MCES03 queue is not appearing but the data is going to RSA7 and to BW correctly.

Any pointers on this? Is this because it is a unserialized V3 update??

Best Regards