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Apr 18, 2012 at 04:23 AM

BAdI Implementation


Dear All ,

I am working on BAdI Implementation . I know that in order to know the exit names and the BAdI names we use the class CL_EXITHANDLER and put a breakpoint in GET_INSTANCE method . This way we can get the BAdi name and the screen no. For any Standard T.Code .

For Example in case of T.code VL02 I got the BAdI Name BADI_LAYER on screen 101 . And I have Implemented that BAdI in SE19 . Now my question is how will i know that what is the use of this BAdI . Not only for this BAdI , But for any BAdI how can we check what is the use of the BAdI or where exactly the BAdI is called in the standard report ?

I have worked on different BAdis like CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA for Customer Master , BADI_SD_CUST_HEAD for Billing invoices . But the way we work on these BAdIs is totally different from each other however the purpose of both the BAdIs is Same ----> to add additional screen .

Is there any standard way .

I hope I am clear with my question .

Thanks ,

Suvana Smith .