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Apr 17, 2012 at 03:57 PM

How to use lookup function



I am using Data Services XI 3.2, i wanted to perform LOOKUP on City database of USA country against the data that i have in my Excel spread sheet.

I have followed the following procedure.

1. In my job, i have taken 2 source table, 1 as CITY database of USA and 2 City and other information containing spreadsheet.

2. used join transform, created the new output column called 'CITY', used the LOOKUP_EXT function in Mapping Tab and performed the following query.

lookup_ext(Database_name.DBO.city_zip_lookup_table,'PRE_LOAD_CACHE','MAX],[CITY],[NULL],[CITY, '=',]')

By using this standard function I am not getting the expected output.

I want my output to be..

In the newly created CITY table, the output should be coming from the 'CITY_ZIP_LOOKUP_TABLE'.

It should validate the city value from excel spreadsheet with the CITY_ZIP_LOOKUP_TABLE and populate the value from lookup table.