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Apr 17, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Price update with split valuation



Business wants to maintain multiple stock against multiple valuation type.

I have done the necessary setep in split valuation. Create valuation category and set it as auto batch determination.Not created any valuation type.

assign the plants to valuation category.

Mean time created material master with accounting view and set price control as V with price as 10 rupees. at plant header level.

Then created PO with that material and plant and assign valuation type as X and batch is also X.complete GR.

I can see the accounting entries are not correct. Material Debit.......GR/IR credit.......PRD Credit

I can see the material master update with valuation type X maintained price control as S and standard price updated with 10 rupee and MAV as 1 rupee.

Initial Price control as V with price as 10

Update price against valuation type X with price control as S and with MAV as 1 and standard price as 10 after goods receipt.

For EX :

PO qunatity as 40000 and price in PO as 10 rupees.

after goods receipt,

The accounting entries as

Material : 400000 +

GR/IR : 4000 -

PRD : 396000-

I have 2 clarifications :

1. Why price control got changed from V to S and 10 to 1 rupee as MAV price while updateing prices against valuation type in material.

2. Why system pick MAV price from material accounting view as 1 rupee instead of fetching from PO price.

Please let me know what goes wrong and how to fix this issue.