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Apr 16, 2012 at 12:38 PM

BPC 10 and Office 2010 on APP server


Hello All

I was wondering if someone has come across this problem who can shed some light into what I may be doing wrong or missing? (could well be a really simple solution which i am overlooking!)

We have a VMware environment with a multiserver installation(Appserver+DB Server) of BPC 10 SP 5.

On the app server we did all the prerequisites which included the installation of Accessdatabasengine_x64(there is a 32bit version but SAP installation requires the x64 version) which I installed via the /passive parameter as we have Office 2010 installed on the server already in 32bit form(as stated in the SAP install guide)

The BPC install works fine with no problems and creating the EPM connection to the server for EnvironmentShell is all cool.

The problem is when opening Office as everytime we open an office application on the box office starts the install and configure - which I confirm is because of the accessdatabasengine_x64 in conflict with the office version.

We also have a problem within admin with processing of the dimension files as they open office when processing(with the Installation wizard starting everytime) and then the processing fails with the error

"Cannot upload member information to SQL server - External component has thrown an exception"

any ideas anyone :-)

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards