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Apr 16, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Error in multiple idoc processing using program RSEOUT00


Hello All,

I have a query related to IDOC processing. We are dealing with two SAP system e.g system A and system B. IN System B we manage to collect some IDOCs in wait state. The IDOCs are of message type LOIPRO, WMMBXY and BATMAS. After certain time I am processing the IDOCs using program RSEOUT00 in sequence of message types, LOIPRO, WMMBXY and BATMAS one by one to send the data to System A. For each message type I have multiple idocs. e.g for Message type WMMBXY is used for goods receipt and I have 2 idocs of WMMBXY which is for the same production order data. In that case after executing the program, my IDOCs gets into error status in receiving system (system A). 1st Idoc becomes green , but the second Idoc goes into error, with messgae - "the order is being already proceesed by user ***" This is because both my idocs have same production order data to process. How to tackle this situation. My 1st Idoc should be processed completly, then the 2nd Idoc should start processing so that it will not encounter the lock error in production order.

I need an urgent help on this issue. I hope I will get a solution from you all. Thanks in advance.

Regards, Divya