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Apr 16, 2012 at 07:58 AM

How to use the preprocess BADI for user defined dimension.


Hi All,

I want to plan on the node level because there is a requirement from the user. Standard pre process BADI code working for all the dimensions by changing the code based on the requirement (dimension name). It is not working for the User defined dimension. Let me know how to change the code for User defined dimension. I have changed the code for my requirement. I am trying to add the one user defined (Project) component, It prompts for the Access code. Could you please suggest me on this.I need your valuable suggestion to solve this issue at the earliest.


method if_ujr_wb_pre_process~pre_process.
data: ls_user type ujr_s_dim_handler,
lt_user_members type uja_t_dim_member, " dimension members of Entity
lo_user type ref to if_uja_dim_data, " Object Reference to Dimension
lt_hier_info type uja_t_hier, " Hierachies Infos
ls_hier_info type uja_s_hier,
lt_hier_name type uja_t_hier_name, " Hierachies name list
lt_attr_list type uja_t_attr, " Attributes Infos
ls_attr_list type uja_s_attr,
lt_attr_name type uja_t_attr_name, " Attributes name list
lf_non_base type uj_flg, " 'X'=non base member; ' '=base member
lt_user_mbr type uja_t_dim_member, " childen entity members
l_num_base type i, " number of children entity members
lr_data type ref to data.

field-symbols: <ls_dim_obj> type ujr_s_dim_handler,
<ls_record> type any,
<l_user> type uj_dim_member, " Entity member of current records
<lt_user_mbr> type hashed table, " All entity members
<ls_user_mbr> type any,
<lf_calc> type uj_flg, " 'Y'=non base member
<lf_storedcalc> type any, " 'Y'=non base member
<l_base_mbr> type uj_dim_member,
<l_keyfigure> type any. " Keyfigure
" Find the Entity dimension by its type
loop at it_dim_obj assigning <ls_dim_obj> where dim_type = uj00_cs_dim_type-user.
lo_user ?= <ls_dim_obj>-dim_obj.
ls_user = <ls_dim_obj>.
" Get hierachy (PARENTH1, PARENTH2 ...)
lo_user->get_hier_list( importing et_hier_info = lt_hier_info ).
loop at lt_hier_info into ls_hier_info.
append ls_hier_info-hier_name to lt_hier_name.
" Get necessary attributes (CALC and STORED_CALC)
lo_user->get_attr_list( importing et_attr_list = lt_attr_list ).
loop at lt_attr_list into ls_attr_list
where attribute_name = ujr0_c_attr_calc or attribute_name = ujr0_c_attr_storedcalc.
append ls_attr_list-attribute_name to lt_attr_name.
" Get Members
call method lo_user->read_mbr_data
if_ret_hashtab = abap_true
it_attr_list = lt_attr_name " columns:attributes name list
it_hier_list = lt_hier_name " columns:hieracies name list
er_data = lr_data.
assign lr_data->* to <lt_user_mbr>.
" preparation: create data structure and assign fields
create data lr_data like line of ct_array.
assign lr_data->* to <ls_record>.
assign component ls_user-dimension of structure <ls_record> to <l_user>.
assign component ujr0_c_keyfigure of structure <ls_record> to <l_keyfigure>.
loop at ct_array into <ls_record>.
read table <lt_user_mbr>
with table key (ujr0_c_member_id) = <l_user>
assigning <ls_user_mbr>.
if sy-subrc = 0.
" lf_non_base = <lf_calc>=Y OR <lf_storedcalc>=Y.
assign component ujr0_c_attr_calc of structure <ls_user_mbr> to <lf_calc>.
lf_non_base = <lf_calc>.
assign component ujr0_c_attr_storedcalc of structure <ls_user_mbr> to <lf_storedcalc>.
if sy-subrc = 0 and <lf_storedcalc> = ujr0_cs_calc-calculated_member.
lf_non_base = ujr0_cs_calc-calculated_member.
" Disaggregate non base member
if lf_non_base = ujr0_cs_calc-calculated_member.
" A more precise version is to retrieve only accessible member of IS_USER
call method lo_user->get_children_mbr
i_parent_mbr = <l_user> " Parent
i_level = -99 " -99 = All children in any level; -1 = direct child
if_only_base_mbr = abap_true " Only base member
et_member = lt_user_mbr.
" Re-calculate the keyfigure, divide by N = number of base members
" Usually it doesn't matter with IF_CALC_DELTA = false,
" if the operation is linear mathematical.
describe table lt_user_mbr lines l_num_base.
" Avoid divide by zero
if l_num_base > 0.
<l_keyfigure> = <l_keyfigure> / l_num_base.
" Copy N times with new base members
loop at lt_user_mbr assigning <l_base_mbr>.
<l_user> = <l_base_mbr>.
" When IF_CALC_DELTA = true, appending means the latest records take effects,
" previous records with same dimension member will be overwritten.
" The newly appended records will also be looped and processed.
append <ls_record> to ct_array.
endif. " divide by zero
" Remove the old one
delete ct_array.