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Jun 02, 2005 at 02:24 PM

how to append to dynamic table


hi, everyone

I want to append some data to a dynamic internal table.

I have some code like following:

form dyna using itab.

DATA: NEW_LINE type ref to data.

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <FS_1> type any table,



assign itab to <FS_1>.

create data NEW_LINE like line of <FS_1>.

assign NEW_LINE->* to <FS_2>.

assign component 1 of structure <FS_2> to <FS_3>.

<FS_3> = 'I'.

assign component 2 of structure <FS_2> to <FS_3>.

<FS_3> = 'ABC'.


  • then <FS_2> is the entry I want to append now

  • append ???


What I want to know is how to append the <FS_2> to the dynamic table. I require the entry can be append, and return out of this form.

Any suggestion and answer is welcome

Hope your reply, thanks a lot