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Apr 15, 2012 at 06:42 PM

write-optimized DSO to CUBE


Hello experts,

i have a question moving data from WODSO --> CUBE

Here in WODSO settings i have checked the checkbox as donot check uniqueness of data and loading data(semantic key BillNo) and loading from WODSO to CUBE

so i have records like

Bno qty amt

b10 20 200

b20 10 300 for first time

in cube data will be for first time

b10 20 200

b20 10 300

and for second time data in wodso

b10 10 300

and if iload data for second time,data in cube will be

b10 30 500

b20 10 300

my question is the data in the cube now is correct or wrong ?? or it should be loaded to standard dso and then to cube to have the correct data.

loading data to standard dso it picks data from changelogtable

b10 20 200 N

b20 10 300 N

b10 -20 -200 X(before image)

b10 10 300 space(after image) and it takes data from changelog table,then the data in cube will be

Data in cube --> b10 10 300

b20 10 300

pls clear me,can we load directly from WODSO to CUBE or we have to load to Standard DSO first and then to CUBE if donot check uniqueness of data is CHECKED.

I think it should me loaded to standard dso and then to cube.

pls, correct answers are assigned points.